Bitkom Servicegesellschaft mbH
Stefanie Kutzera
Leitung / Head of WEEE-FULL-SERVICE
Tel.: +49.30.27576-413
Fax: +49.30.27576-51413

Advisory Board

Every two years participants of the WEEE Guarantee System elect an Advisory Board from their midst.

The Advisory Board supervises whether Bitkom Servicegesellschaft fullfils its obligations as trustee of the WEEE Guarantee System. For this purpose Bitkom Servicegesellschaft submits annually a statement to the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board furthermore hold a consulting function since Bitkom Servicegesellschaft settles essential decisions, concerning the WEEE Guarantee System, with the Adisory Board.

Bitkom Servicegesellschaft constantly exchanges relevant information with the members of the Advisory Board.

Peter Cossé (Chairman)
Toshiba Europe GmbH
Michael Eschle
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
Guido Eulenpesch (Vice Chairman)
Brother International GmbH
Erich Guenter
IBM Deutschland GmbH
Detlef Herb
KYOCERA Document Solutions Deutschland GmbH
Franz-Josef Hock
S u. K Hock GmbH
Rolf Mayer
AXION AG Mobile Multimedia Systems
Daniel Hahn
Canon Deutschland GmbH
Sebastian Retzlaff
Technolit GmbH
Jürgen Wörhoff
Vodafone GmbH


The subscription calculator is currently not available with regards to the transition to the new German WEEE law. Please contact us directly for a quotation.