Bitkom Servicegesellschaft mbH
Stefanie Kutzera
Leitung / Head of WEEE-FULL-SERVICE
Tel.: +49.30.27576-413
Fax: +49.30.27576-51413

About us

Bitkom Servicegesellschaft mbH is an affiliate of the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM e.V.). BITKOM is the leading ICT association in Germany and throughout Europe.

We are a modern service provider, supporting companies in the ICT sector with a wide range of different services. These include the WEEE Guarantee System, developed by Bitkom Servicegesellschaft in collaboration with the following 12 first movers:



The subscription calculator is currently not available with regards to the transition to the new German WEEE law. Please contact us directly for a quotation.